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Call – Two Researchers in Children’s Living Conditions & Young Adults on the Labour Market (Stockholm Univ)

Two researchers (sociologist/social scientist), Stockholm University, Sweden More information at www.iffs.se/en/news/ad-on-childrens-living-conditions/.

The deadline for applications is 26 January 2018.

Researchers wanted for a project on children’s living conditions

The Institute for Futures Studies (IF), Stockholm, is appointing one or two researchers (sociologist/social scientist) to the projects:

YOUNG: Children’s living conditions in a changing society: Socioeconomic and ethnic inequality.
YOUNGWORK: Early labour market outcomes of young adults

YOUNG studies social and ethnic inequalities among young people in present-day society, including intergenerational processes, integration, and segregation mechanisms, and is funded by a grant from Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life, and Welfare). It covers five major themes: educational inequality, child poverty, school and wellbeing, ethnic integration, and family structure.

YOUNGWORK is an offshoot of YOUNG, following respondents in YOUNG beyond compulsory schooling longitudinally in order to study how labour market trajectories unfold during early adulthood, and how labour market outcomes relate to individual, family, or school-level factors.

Some portion of the working time may be allocated to the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University, depending on the profile of the successful candidate.

Eleven researchers at IF and SOFI are currently engaged in the two projects, and much of the research involves international collaboration.
IF, located in the heart of Stockholm city, hosts several related large-scale research projects, employing and collaborating with internationally renowned scholars within sociology and related disciplines (www.iffs.se/en).

We seek an outstanding quantitative social scientist whose research interests and qualifications fall into one or more of the projects’
themes. The successful candidate is expected to pursue their own research as well as collaborating with colleagues within the project and its international network.

We hire according to the following criteria:


Fluency in English
Experience in handling and analyzing micro-level data Merits

Knowledge of relevant theories in the research area Knowledge of advanced statistical methods Proficiency in languages relevant for the project (Swedish, German,
A PhD is expected to have been awarded by the time of appointment, but excellent applicants in the final stages of their doctoral studies will also be considered.

We offer a stimulating research environment, extraordinary data materials (including micro-level population register data and the CILS4EU longitudinal study: http://www.cils4.eu), and competitive salaries.

The position will be appointed for one to three years, depending on the number of outstanding candidates and their research interests. Full time appointment is preferred, but candidates preferring part time employment will also be considered. The position can be taken up immediately, and should preferably commence at latest by September 2018. The position entails no teaching or supervision obligations, and project-related administrative chores of no more than 20% of the working time. The salary level depends on qualification, starting at 39,000 SEK a month (appr. 50,000 Euro or 55,000 USD per annum).

Applicants should submit, preferably by email:

A letter of application with a description of their research interests (max 3 pages) Curriculum Vitae, listing work experience and publications Examples of published work or dissertation chapters (max 3 items) Two references (name, position, email address) The deadline for applications is January 26, 2018. Applications should be sent to carina.mood@iffs.se.

For more information, contact: Professor Carina Mood (carina.mood@iffs.se)



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Concurso para contratação de investigadores doutorados – Adiamento

Tendo tido conhecimento que a FCT irá adiar o prazo de candidaturas no âmbito do concurso para contratação de investigadores doutorados, pois o concurso não cumpria os prazos legais estipulados no REC (conferir e-mail reproduzido em abaixo), informamos que o CRIA adia a receção de propostas para acolhimento institucional dos projectos.

Novo prazo para envio de propostas: 25 de janeiro.

As propostas recebidas serão analisadas e os candidatos serão informados da decisão do CRIA no dia 30 de janeiro, através do endereço de e-mail indicado.

Enviar os seguinte elementos, em língua inglesa, por email para: ana.carrapato@cria.org.pt:

1. Nível a que se candidata (Júnior | Auxiliar | Principal | Coordenador);
2. Plano de investigação. De acordo com o edital deverá ser identificado o enquadramento num ou mais dos 17 Objetivos para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Organização das Nações Unidas para 2030. O plano de investigação proposto deverá ainda demonstrar a sua integração estratégia da unidade de investigação e do grupo de investigação no âmbito do qual será desenvolvido. (máximo 3 páginas);
3. Curriculum vitae;
4. Carta de motivação.