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International Center for the Sociology of Religion – Grant Programm

The ICSOR Grant Program provides residence in Rome for researchers intending to carry out projects regarding the sociology of religion. The grants provided will fund initial research into hypotheses that have not been fully explored as yet. Research applications will be judged principally on the basis of the novelty of the hypotheses and the innovative approaches proposed, their direct relevance and applicability to the sociology of religion, their scientific quality and methodological strengths. ICSOR Grant Awardees will be required to provide progress reports concerning their work during the entire duration of their residency and present their findings at the end of their stay in Rome and/or through a report/article published no later than one year after the end of the grant.

Deadline for Applications: March 30th, 2020
Announcement of Awards: Late April, 2020
Earliest Starting Date for Research Projects: May 1st, 2020

The ICSOR International Advisory Board oversees the Grant Program and makes recommendations to the ICSOR Scientific Committee.
The grants provide residence in Rome for the duration of a week or more to a maximum of two months. The ICSOR apartment (all inclusive, except for food and insurance) and library will be available to awardees free of charge.

If you are thinking of applying for an ICSOR Grant, ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is my research directly relevant to the sociology of religion?
2) Am I affiliated with an academic or research institution? (No grants are made available to individuals or private companies)
3) Am I willing to present my findings at the end of my stay in Rome and/or through a report/article published no later than one year after the end of the grant?
If you have answered “yes” to all the above questions, you are eligible to apply for an ICSOR Grant.

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