Cycle of Sociological Conversations through Books and Films – Thematic Section Families and Life Course

It is with great satisfaction that the Thematic Section Families and Life Course, of the Portuguese Sociological Association, announces the continuity of the Cycle of Sociological Conversations through Books and Films.

The second session of this Cycle will take place on the 12th of July, at 2:00 pm (time of
Continental Portugal), and will be a conversation with some of the editors of the book The Palgrave Handbook of Family Sociology in Europe, published by Palgrave Macmillan (Poster in Attached).

Isabella Crespi (University of Macerata, Italy), Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Claude Martin (University of Rennes, France) and Almudena Moreno Minguez (University of Valladolid, Spain), will present this book that offers a range theories, methodologies and empirical studies, very enriching for those interested in the issues of Families and the Life Course.


Book summary:

“Offers a touchstone collection of theories, methodologies, and case studies that foreground the specific sociological contexts and contributions of the sociology of the family in Europe.

Provides a historical overview of the development of family research in Europe.

Deals with contemporary and pressing issues, including declining fertility, aging, migration, changing intimate and family relations, changing legal frameworks, and intimate lives”

More information about the book can be found here:

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It will be a pleasure for us to (re)meet you in this sociological conversation. Until then!

The first session of this Cycle is on the 2nd of February, at 16:00 (Mainland Portugal time), and will be a Conversation with authors.

(Poster here).

Richard A. Settersten Jr. (Oregon State University) e Glen H. Elder Jr.

(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) will share and discuss with us the results of their latest book “Living on the Edge. An American Generation’s Journey through the Twentieth Century” (also authored by Lisa D. Pearce and published by the University of Chicago Press), these results are surprisingly relevant to the understanding of families and generations today.

Book summary:

“Drawing from the iconic longitudinal Berkeley Guidance Study, Living on the Edge reveals the hopes, struggles, and daily lives of the 1900 generation. Most surprising is how relevant and relatable the lives and experiences of this generation are today, despite the gap of a century.

From the reorganization of marriage and family roles and relationships to strategies for adapting to a dramatically changing economy, the challenges faced by this earlier generation echo our own time. Living on the Edge offers an intimate glimpse into not just the history of our country, but the feelings, dreams, and fears of a generation remarkably kindred to the present day.”

Find more information about the book here:

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It will be a pleasure for us to meet you in this sociological conversation. Until then!

Be well and publicize the session!

Magda Nico, Vanessa Cunha e Cláudia Casimiro, coordinators of ST FCV