[ Informação 8th INT CONG EDUCATION 2020 ]

ON-LINE/Presencial, Chamada Apresentação Trabalhos, 8th INT CONG EDUCATION

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The unprecedented pandemic situation caused by the new coronavirus which is affecting the entire world, at the same time, causing an abrupt shutting down of social, economic and mobility life of the planet. Tourism is all about these activities, and is also about the generalized and increasing economic dependence on it, specially of the most fragile countries and populations. After COVID-19, we might believe that the future of tourism, as we know it, will never be the same. In addition to the topics already covered by the call, contributions and reflections on ‘LIVING WITH TOURISM after COVID-19’ issues are most encourage.

This workshop seeks paper proposals focused on interdisciplinary and empirical research on ‘living with tourism’, i.e., a rethinking of tourism economic, social and cultural impacts and its paradoxes, and its wider implications in terms of power relations towards a specific space and the communities that inhabit it. It also invites to a broader discussion on tourism future directions in line with worldwide changes of nations economic prosperity, consumption lifestyles, rising of new markets, brands and activity sectors, and cutting-edge research topics in tourism studies.

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