Lisbon and online, November 12-13, 2021

Submit your abstract until September 30th. [extended]

In 1995 an interdisciplinary group of technicians from multiple areas and professional contexts came together and created a social cooperative called “+ Criança”. This project was developed for almost a decade, consisting of a group of seminars and debates about Children’s Rights and its Superior Interest, including a reflexion around Children’s citizenry.

The cooperative has, in the meantime, been extinct and the project will be concluded in 2021 by organizing an international seminar related to the theme: CHILD – A Sustainable Nation’s Future.

This seminar will function on a digital level, attending to the context of the pandemic we’re living, even though a on-site participation may still be possible, therefore assuming an eventual hybrid format. This will all depend on the evolution of the current COVID situation.

This seminar aims to create a space for debate and reflection about the education adjusted to the professional needs in the promotion of children’s, family’s and citizen’s rights in social emergency contexts, according to the conventions on Human Rights, including the CDU (ONU), with the priority being the child’s superior interest, using a collaborative and hands-on approach.

It’s also important to develop collaborative and hands-on methodologies applied to the social intervention, improving the fulfillment of the need to care and protect children.

The current pandemic has also brought some changes that may turn out to be significant in the environment that children grow up and develop, with potential consequences to their emotional well-being, development and protection, elevating this debate to a very significant level.

In fact, the XXI century Child, demands a change in their rights and in the way we look at them. It’s necessary to incorporate in real practice new concepts of sustainability, in particular the promotion of a theoretical and operational debate about the integration of Eco-social and ecological concepts regarding the approach on Social and Health Intervention, which are enablers of a connection between social and ecological sustainability.

In the sustainability domain, we also find the cross debate between transformation and transition, this way incorporating a strong normative and pragmatic character on the argument focusing on political proceedings, from a local level to the global level, as well as practical blueprints of change in different areas of the human life.

The expected transition proceedings must be bottom-up inclusive, participatory and multi-generational, respecting the social diversity in the framework of the professions’ normative and ethical codes.

We invite students, researchers, teachers, and professionals that work with children to present their proposals to parallel sessions, in order to foster a venue for debate, analysis, reflection and exchange of investigation results and good standards.

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