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CIDTFF flashnews #280 | semana 28
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Agenda CES | 19/07/2019 a 01/08/2019

Link: https://www.ces.uc.pt/myces/admin/utils/agendaces/historic/18-07-2019_11:28:53.html



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Agenda NOVA FCSH – 22 de julho a 5 de agosto

Link: https://www.fcsh.unl.pt/newsletter-agenda/agenda-nova-fcsh-22-de-julho-a-5-de-agosto/newsletteredition_html_view



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ICS Noticias 22 julho 2019

Link: http://www.37.dtikm1.com/vl/34ab1cce6b377d94ab330f0bb2-c863536c-571-eFWefJAZeWNHeb71-9741b5



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CAPSAHARA presents “Saharan Connections” | Episode 1 feat. Georg Klute

Saharan Connections is a video series produced by the CAPSAHARA project (ERC-StG-71646), with the ambition of bringing the project’s findings and its team closer to a non-academic audience.

Episode 1 – Francisco Freire meets Georg Klute

Georg Klute is Professor of Anthropology of Africa in Bayreuth University (Germany), and chairs the German African Studies Association (since 2012). His extensive career has covered topics such as the state in Africa, nomadism, nomads and the state, Islam in Africa, ethnicity, and new forms of political domination (para-sovereignty).

Link: https://vimeo.com/346548636