There are no associations without members and APS is no exception

To associate means to join together for greater and better effect, and therefore the added value of a collective has individual advantages for members or members of a collective. From this point of view, the added value of APS is not reducible to the simple sum of the parts and the benefits provided certainly outweigh the costs required of each of its members.
APS members have unrestricted access to all contents of this vortal, including the full version of the newsletter and the free download of available documentation (texts and images). By circulating this documentation, namely texts signed by lesser-known colleagues, it is contributing to the dissemination of works written in Portuguese as intellectual property of sociologists and other social scientists.
Therefore, perhaps the most important of the advantages is the ability of members to see their texts / essays published, as well as the images they want to make available.
Members also enjoy significant discounts on registration at all APS conferences and meetings, including congresses of other associations with which we have privileged relationships (eg ReSu associations).
On the other hand, a more interesting set of services provided by companies or other entities are made available on more favorable terms to APS members. The larger the number of members, the more attractive some of these conditions may become: various discounts, access to promotions, increased facilities, among others.
Membership in APS should result in a different and easier mode of integration into your scientific community. For all of us a desired closeness we want to share with you.
The Social Science Press offers a 30% discount on book purchases over 18 months and 10% on the remaining [Social Science Press contact for more information:].

BECOME A APS MEMBER – Send the Application Form to

  1. Registration fee, one-time payment at the time of registration, in the amount of 12.47 €.
  2. Annual fee of 45 €, payable in two half-yearly installments, in April and October.
  3. First cycle Sociology students benefit from the exemption of the registration fee and a 50% discount on the payment of the quota to 22.50 €, payable in two semester installments.
  4. Students in the 2nd and 3rd cycles benefit from the same condition as long as they do not engage in regular paid professional activity.
  5. The unemployed member benefits from a 100% discount on the payment of the quota.
  6. In order to qualify for the special conditions relating to the payment of dues, proof of their condition must be provided.
Please see the Rules.
Facilities available for payment (direct debit, bank transfer, bank check, postal/money order cash).