The APS has 1 Regional Unit and 21 Thematic Sections.

A Regional Unit is a functional unity aimed at the promotion of Sociology at a territorial level. Up to now, the existing one is the Regional Unit of Azores.

A Thematic Section is also a functional unity aimed at the promotion of specific sociological areas. Up to now, the 21 Thematic Sections are:


Sociology of Education
Sociology of Health
Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Policies
Classes and Inequalities
Work, Organizations and Professions
Sociology of Sports
Knowledge, Science and Technology
Environment and Society
Security, Defence and Armed Forces
Sociology of Emotions
Sociology of Consumption
Art, Culture and Communication
Sexuality and Gender
Families and Life Course
Sociology of Law and Justice
Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention
Globalization, Politics and Citizenship
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Tourism
Civil Society, Alternative Economies, Volunteering
Sociology of Childhood