Dear Users

When we renew our site we want to make life easier for those who use it, while creating a pleasant image and, most importantly, functional and updated content. For the partners, there will be no shortage of information about associative life in its remarkable achievements and events. As is our timbre, thematic sections will have their own spaces where they can find details about their activity.

For everyone, this is an open site, which provides sociologists with a wealth of valuable information on professional profiles and opportunities, training offers, international relations, scientific meetings and publications. We also added a set of links that will strengthen contact with research centers, higher education institutions and main databases.

The APS journal, SOCIOLOGY ON LINE, will be easily available, not only with the editions already published, but also with the explicitation of the modes of collaboration, which are already encouraged.

In the same way, we give a special emphasis to the circulation of information on job supply and demand, helping to reduce the distance that often exists between the two.

Being a public space, we are open to suggestions and contributions. Use this space and modify it with your participation. Enjoy the hospitality and feel at home.

João Teixeira Lopes
Chairman of the Board