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Seguindo o apelo do Presidente da ISa, Sari Hanafi, encorajamos os associados da APS a inserirem o seu perfil no Mapa Global dos Sociólogos pela Inclusão Social:

 “I encourage all ISA members and other members of the national sociological associations to put their profile in ISA’s Global Mapping of Sociologists for Social Inclusion (GMSSI), soon will become simple Global Mapping of Sociologists (GMS). Thanks to my predecessor Margaret Abraham, GMSSI was officially released to all ISA members and posted on the ISA website for all in 2018. Currently this database has 61893 entries (22833 abstracts, 34580 authors and 4480 sessions). I think more effort of campaigning should be carried out to incorporate more profiles and projects from sociologists. This database is extremely instrumental for any search of the knowledge produced within and for ISA. All abstracts and keywords of the last three ISA Congresses and Forums are there in addition of ISA journals International Sociology and Current Sociology. However, soon we will add the abstracts of the previous Congresses and Forums, which are available in print/pdf format only.”  Sari Hanafi

The International Sociological Association has undertaken the development of the Global Mapping of Sociologists for Social Inclusion (GMSSI) to create the global database of sociologists.

GMSSI aims to identify, connect, and enable global collaborations in sociology, and support sociologists who encounter multiple barriers, economic and political, which impede participation in global exchanges.

GMSSI aims to increase the visibility of sociologists and their knowledge production and also be an important resource for sustained interaction with the media on a range of issues.

Your participation is important to the success of GMSSI in building this global sociological community.

To start: Go to where we briefly explain what the site is about and where we offer a link to sign in or sign up.

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