Com motivo do próximo 11º Congresso Ibérico de Estudos Africanos, sob o lema Trânsitos africanos no mundo global: histórias e memórias, heranças e inovações, que terá lugar em Lisboa, nos dias 6 a 8 de julho de 2022, na Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, divulga-se a chamada para comunicações do PainelInterethnic couples and multicultural families”

Abstract: African transit and mobilities throughout the world, has for long brought personal and intimate contacts between these citizens and those in the receiving countries. Often, the settlement of African diaspora has led to the formation of interracial and interethnic affective relationships, particularly those including African (Black)-European (White) origin partners. However, in Europe, there is still scant research on this topic compared to other societies like the USA, Canada or Brazil, where multiracial couples are for longer more established and accepted by society.

Although interracial or interethnic dating, cohabitation, marriage and family formation are a sign of the intermixing of partners of different ethnical and racial origins, these couples can also frequently face harassment, social prejudice and racism. In fact, interethnic affective relationships, particularly those involving African and European citizens, are said to be suffering different levels of stigmatization in several societies. Even though today there is a wider social acceptance towards these couples and their multicultural families, attitudes of social discrimination are also persistent in their daily lives, frequently assuming expressions of microaggressions or structural racism.

The aim of this panel is to focus on African-European interracial couples’ affective relationships (marriage, cohabitation, dating), as to understand how concepts of ethnicity, race and racism intermesh within conjugality and family.

This panel welcomes papers centered on the following issues:

– attitudes and social representation on interracial and interethnic couples;

– experiences and memories of racism, prejudice and xenophobia towards interracial and interethnic couples;

– narratives of intimacy in interethnic relationships and family dynamics;

– family upbringing in multiracial families;

– interracial divorce and marital conflict;

– multiracial and multiethnic identities;

Organizer: Sofia Gaspar (CIES-Iscte), E-mail:

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Aceitam-se propostas em Português, Inglês, Espanhol e Francês.

Data limite para a submissão de comunicações: 13 de Fevereiro de 2022