ESREA | European Society for Research on the Education of Adults

Every third year ESREA organizes a European research conference somewhere in Europe in cooperation with a hosting institution. This conference is not connected to any specific network; rather it aims to gather all ESREA networks for a joint conference. As a result, ESREA’S triennial conferences have become major events for scholars of adult learning and education.

The previous conferences were organized at the following locations: 1995 in Strobl (Austria), 1998 in Brussels (Belgium), 2001 in Lisbon (Portugal), 2004 in Wroclaw (Poland), 2007 in Seville (Spain), 2010 in Linköping (Sweden), 2013 in Berlin (Germany), 2016 in Maynooth (Ireland), 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia) and 2022 in Milan (Italy).

ESREA is now calling for tenders to organize the next triennial conference, in September 2025.
The deadline for tenders is 31st January 2024. Proposals should be sent to

The decision on the location will be announced in March 2024 following a meeting of the Presidium of ESREA.
If you have any questions regarding the hosting of the triennial do not hesitate to contact Laura Formenti ( as she was part of the organizing group of the triennial conference in 2022, and is a member of the Presidium of ESREA or contact the secretary of ESREA, Susanne Lattke (

The proposal should be approximately 1-3 pages and does not necessarily need to follow the structure outlined below, but should give as much detail as possible. Some of these questions might be hard to answer at this stage, but please try to give some indication.
Our policy is that the conference should be financed through the conference fees.