42nd meeting of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies

march 31 – april 2, 2022

New submission deadline: 15 January 2022

The organisers welcome proposals for 20-minute papers in English responding to the above.

Suggested topics:

  • the politics and poetics of scientific, literary and artistic discourse on ecology
  • ecology and academia
  • ecologies of language and translation
  • language, multilingualism, and translanguaging
  • inclusive language pedagogies
  • the Anthropocene and ethnocentrism
  • public causes: political action, ecology, ethics, and rewriting
  • ideology crises and new beliefs: disruptive humans and post-truth
  • subaltern identities and protest: gender, class, nation, race, sexuality
  • humanities, materialities, and the posthuman
  • mobility, (in)hospitality, and community
  • new forms of regulation, sanitation, and surveillance
  • rights and citizenship in vulnerable environments
  • beyond city and country: new definitions of environment
  • animal studies and zoopoetics
  • histories of the environment / historicizing ecology

Areas covered (but not exclusive): linguistics; literary and cultural studies; translation; language learning/teaching; other disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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