War and the Long-Lasting Intersectional Effects on Refugees, Minorities, Disabled People and the Global Environment

Wednesday 14 September 2022

This Online Workshop consists of two sessions of three/four speakers.  Talks/presentations will last for 15 minutes (maximum) only.

After the first four speakers in session one has finished, the attendees/audience will be put in breakout rooms for 20 minutes to discuss what they have heard and formulate questions.  On return, there will be a 20-minute Q&A session.

A ten-minute break will follow.

Session two, will take the same format.  Assuming that there are eight speakers in total, and if the workshop starts at 12.00 (GMT), then it will finish around 15.50 (GMT).

Presentations in this event could lead to publication in either our journals (please click here) or books (click here).  It could also secure a place at our World Convention in Finland 2023 (see CfPs here).

For more information, please contact Simon Prideaux at prideauxsimon@gmail.com.

Please send abstracts to injusticeintl@gmail.com by no later than August 15, 2022.  Abstracts can be sent any time from now and responses will be promptly sent out after the closing date.

+ info: https://www.injustice-intl.org/cfps-workshop-september