Já está disponível o livro “Sociologies in Dialogue” que conta com a colaboração da Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia.

Sociologies in Dialogue brings together expert contributions from international scholars, who reflect on the importance of collaboration between diverse sociological perspectives to enhance our understanding of the role of sociology as an academic discipline, and as a vehicle for social change.

By exploring the distinctive practices and research of a range of sociologists, the book shows how an open dialogue between sociologists is critical to addressing major sociological issues across the globe such as inequality and ethnocentrism, and challenging the hierarchies of knowledge production and circulation. Contributors also discuss novel strands in theory and methodology such as multicultural sociology, cosmopolitanism, and multiple modernities.

An important contribution for researchers and students interested in global sociology, sociological theories and methodologies.

Sociology in Portugal: local, national, and international dialogues

João Teixeira Lopes, Pedro Abrantes, Lígia Ferro, Madalena Ramos, Benedita Portugal e Melo, Ana Ferreira, Dalila Cerejo & Alexandra Aníbal


Although the institutionalisation of sociology in Portugal was only possible after the revolution of 1974, it is currently characterised by a remarkable vitality, noticeable for instance in the number and diversity of the members of the Portuguese Sociological Association (Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia), as well as the participants at its national conference. However, significant challenges have also emerged, not only resulting from the expansion and diversification of sociologists, but also from the economic crisis, the austerity policies, the growth of social sciences specialisations, and policies favouring business, law, health and engineering in research and the labour markets.

Keywords: Sociology, Portugal, Portuguese Sociological Association, Sociological Dialogues