[ Informação da European Sociological Association ]

Dear ESA members,

ESA is an active member of EASSH – the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities, which promotes research on social sciences and humanities as a resource for Europe and the world. EASSH has asked us to forward the following information to you:

Public consultation on EU funds of the European Commission, deadline: 8 March.


Currently in Brussels, the Multiannual Financial Framework is discussed. This discussion will lead to assigning the budget for all the major activities of the EU. Currently 42% of this budget is allocated to Agriculture and about 9% to Research and Innovation.

In the FP9 preparation, the members of the Lamy group have made recommendation to double the budget of H2020 in FP9 and the European Parliament is supporting a substantial increase.

An important element for the decisions will be the consultation below. Please participate and answer!

Please bear in mind that the last question (n.42) has a space where you can advocate for an ambitious and well resourced cluster for SSH (social sciences and humanities).


Thank you for helping us to promote and support the SSH.

With best regards,

Your ESA