11 a 15 de setembro de 2023 – Online

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we live in troubled times. Some call this policrisis, with so many threats and disasters engulfing humanity at the same time.

Many look to science and technology as a potential solution to many of these threats. And it is true that science brought us an effective vaccine for SARS-COV2 in record time and that innovative technologies are a key resource for indispensable Food-Energy-Mobility-Digital transitions.

But at the same time, science and technology also generate new problems and challenges. From robots that can take our jobs to AI that can be used to make life and death decisions, from genetic manipulations that can have unforeseen consequences to geoengineering experiments that can change the world. And the fabric of science itself seems to be unraveling, with millions of scientific papers being published each year, accompanied by a decreasing ability to perform sound peer review, a mounting replication crisis and an accumulation of cases of downright scientific fraud.

In the interim year before the next ESA Congress, the SSTNET – ESA RN24 Science and Technology Board thinks it is suitable that we create a space of discussion for research on some of these challenges.

We therefore invite all network members and STS scholars to take part in a virtual workshop that will take place over five afternoons between 11-15 September.

The workshop will comprise five strands.

Please send abstract proposals to the conveners of the thematic strands (300 words max.).

Deadline: 31st of May 2023