Prague, 5th-6th December 2023

The conference is organized by the Charles University and co-organized by the University of Zielona Góra.

About the Conference
We invite you to participate in the international, interdisciplinary scientific conference entitled “Respect and Stigma in a Divided Society.” The aim of the conference is to discuss the manifestations, causes and consequences of stigmatization in a divided society, as well as ways to prevent and overcome this phenomenon. We also want to pay equal attention to the issues of respect and recognition, which are not only the opposite of stigma, but also an important condition for the well-being of individuals and communities. Our view will therefore be both negative and positive in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the studied phenomena and to facilitate the formulation of corrective strategies.

The conference takes place 60 years after the publication of a key book, Erving Goffman’s Stigma. During the following decades, we have witnessed numerous changes in the stigmatization phenomenon, as well as new concepts and interpretations of it. The conference will therefore be a good opportunity not only to look at the current state of affairs, but also the dynamics of change that led to it.

We are waiting for abstracts with proposals for papers in the following thematic areas:

Respect and stigma in public and private life
Cross-border stigmatization
Dilemmas pertaining to research on stigma and respect
Respect and stigma in a contemporary culture
Anti-stigma potentials of practices involving seniors
Anti-stigma practices across divides
Anti-stigma potentials of education and entrepreneurship


We intend to invite conference participants to contribute to several journals and text collections. We will gradually add information on this subject. Please read the content of individual invitations.

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Sending applications – 27th October 2023