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The emergence of new digital infrastructures contributes to a radical shift in the field of information technologies, their integration into all manifestations of the socio-political and economic life of society, the formation of a new paradigm of economics, an economy without borders, which today is called the digital economy.

The main aim of the webinar “Digital infrastructure of the institutional environment” discuss the importance and relevance of this type of economy. As research shows, these technologies have the potential to create new business values for companies, and digital transformations of industries transform entire industries. Despite the positive shifts in the direction of informatization, the huge potential of the digital economy is still underused.

The webinar will be held in the form of debates and discussions between Russian and European participants in order to expand the methodological base in areas of digital economy and e-education in the digital age.

Planned issues:
1. Institutional structure of the digital economy
2. Management institutes in the digital economy
3. Digital finance and banking
4. Digital marketing and branding
5. Institutional structure of e-education


Dr. Jorge Filipe da Silva Gomes, professor of ISEG, University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Dr. Elena Bulakh, lecturer of the “Russian language and culture course” at SOCIUS-ISEG; official representative of the North-Caucasus Federal University (Russia) at the University of Lisbon.

Dr. Tauno Kekäle, European Union Affairs Manager, Technology Center Merinova Ltd (Finland); Rector, International Postgraduate Studies, European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD), founded by UN University for Peace (Serbia).

Dr. Italo Trevisan, professor of Economics and Management Department of University of Trento (Italy). Representative of the University of Trento on the steering committee of the European Master in Business Studies program (University of Savoy, Annecy, University of Trento, University of Kassel and the University of Leon); academic council of the Joint European Master program in Comparative Local Development (University of Trento, Corvin University in Budapest, University of Ljubljana, University of Regensburg).

Dr. Svetlana Zenchenko, professor of finance and credit department, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Management for International Affairs of the North Caucasus Federal University (Russia).

Dr. Inesse Penkova, professor of Digital Business Technologies Department of the North Caucasus Federal University (Russia).

Dr. Aida Novenkova, associate professor of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance of the Kazan Federal University; marketing director of the company Siyai community (Russia).

Dr. Olga Bakumenko, head of the Laboratory for external economic activity of Pskov State University (Russia).

MSc Marta Grybs-Kabocik, research Assistant Department of Consumption Research of the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland).

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